Emerging Nanoelectronic Devices Research Laboratory

(eNDR Lab)

Group Members:-

         Dr. Bikas C. Das (Group Leader)

Assistant Professor, School of Physics,

203D Computer Science Building, IISER-TVM,

College of Engineering Trivandrum Campus,

Trivandrum - 695016, Kerala, India.

Phone   :   +91-471-2778071 (Office)

Phone   :   +91-471-2778073 (Lab)

Fax         :   +91(0)-471-2597427

Email    :    bikas@iisertvm.ac.in

PhD Students:

Anjusree S  (PhD Student)
Joined: August, 2016.

Research Area: Study of Thin-Film Photovoltaic Devices 

Arka Mukherjee  (PhD Student)
Joined: August 2017.

Research Area: Study of 2D TMDs based FETs 

Litty Thomas  (PhD Student)
Joined: August, 2017.

Research Area: Flexible thin film electronic devices.

Sandhya KM (PhD Student)
Joined: August, 2017.

Research Area: Hybrid Charge-Transfer Nanocomposites. 

Srikrishna Sagar  (PhD Student)
Joined: August, 2016.

Research Area: Electrolyte-Gated Organic FETs.

Physics Major Project Students:

Anubhab Dey  (IISER-TVM)
Duration: 2017-18 (2 Semester).

Research Topic: Fabrication of low-voltage OFET devices.

Devika G .S  (IISER-TVM)
Duration: 2017-18 (2 Semester).

Research Topic: Design of QDs solid based photovoltaic devices. 

Lasya P. (Dept. of Physics, Amrita Vishwa Vidypeetham, Amritapuri, Kollam, Kerala.)
Duration: 2018 (1 Semester)

Research Topic: 2D MoS2 based thin film devices. 

Swetha C M  (IISER-TVM)
Duration: 2017-18 (2 Semester)

Research Topic: Biocomposites based energy efficient electronic devices. 

Minor Project Students:

Krishna Priya VR  (Mathematics Major)
Duration: 2018 (1 Semester)

Research Topic:Control doping of n-type organic semiconductor as host matrix.

Swathi Krishna  (Chemistry Major)
Duration: 2018 (1 Semester)

Research Topic:Doped TiO2 nanoparticles based electronic devices.

Past Members:

Arun Gopinath (Summer Visiting Student - 2017)

Loyola College, Chennai.

Arnab Chatterjee (Summer Visiting Student - 2016)

4th Year B. Tech., Metallurgy and Materials Engineering, NIT Durgapur, West Bengal.

Preethi S. Mathew  (Minor Project Student 2017)
Chemistry Major, School of Chemistry, IISER-TVM.

Project Title: 
QDs solid based thin film devices and application

Sarath A  (Major Project Student - 2016-17)
Final Year BS-MS, School of Physics, IISER-TVM.

Project Title: Doping strategy of CdSe QDs with manganese to tune electronic property 

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