Emerging Nanoelectronic Devices Research Laboratory

(eNDR Lab)

STM topographic image of HOPG (IISER-TVM)
STM topography of  MoS2 surface (IISER-TVM)
Transmitted DIC microscopy of PEO layer (NINT, UofA)
Resonant tunnel FETs  (Penn State)


1. Low power electronic device design to mimic biological neural activities and synapses.

2. Building blocks of artificial human brain and memory activities as well as Artificial Intelligence (AI).

3. Scanning Tunneling Microscopy based electronic property study of QDs, 2D TMDCs, Organics, and Advanced Charge Transfer Nanocomposites.

4. Low voltage Organic Field-effect Transistors (OFET) and related applications.

5. QDs solid based low power tunnel FET.

6. Hybrid nanocomposites based photodetectors, solar cells, sensors, LED, and light emitting FET.

7.3-terminal alternative non-volatile memory (ANVM) using unconventional gate dielectrics.


1 micro gap S-D electrode by photolithography (INUP, CeNSE at IISc Bangalore)
3-terminal working device (NINT, U of A)
HR-TEM image of CdSe QDs  in aqueous medium (IACS)
HR-TEM image of TiO2 Nanorods (IACS)

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